Chess and Arrogance, and Update on Why You Should Play Chess

by Webmaster on July 13, 2013

It is my opinion that there is absolutely no guarantee that any level of chess proficiency cures arrogance. There are egotistical people in all areas and, frequently, other measures need to be taken to control such behaviour. One argument that chess helps reduce arrogance is that chess players must be able to ride the ups and downs of tournaments, especially in taking a humble approach to admit one’s mistakes and learning from losses. In this sense, chess will help improve some people’s humility, especially if a player makes a long-term commitment to work on their game. That being said, many chess players are relatively ‘intellectual’ people, which may put them at greater risk of pretentiousness.

However, no hobby I know of really cures egocentricity. Therefore, chess is still a very strong bet to develop some useful skills. To be sure that their children’s arrogance do not get out of control, parents should teach them the principles of good character themselves and possibly encourage them to read relevant books on character.

Originally I was going to add the above discussion in an update to my article on ‘why you should play chess‘. However, I felt it was a bit off topic. Nevertheless, I have expanded that article with many new points.

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