Parallels between chess and life

by Webmaster on January 20, 2014

I wrote an article earlier last year that I forgot to link. The article was called Chess and Life, and discussed two prominent ways in which chess related to life. The chess book referred to as “one of the most successful… of all time” is American International Master (IM) Jeremy Silman’s How to Reassess your Chess.

I have learned about many of the applications of chess from the writings and audio recordings of American IM Joshua Waitzkin. Waitzkin has been able to explain the links between chess and psychology exceptionally well.

In other news:

  • I have slightly reworked the page about myself
  • My old Under-16 Youth Olympiad teammate IM Max Illingworth has won the Australian Championship. Max was able to defeat FIDE Master Anton Smirnov in the final round, who was on an equal number of points with him leading into the round.
  • FM Anton Smirnov, the world’s number three ranked under-14 player (and whom recently defeated me in 3 or 4 minutes in a blitz game), has even more recently become the Australian Junior Champion.

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