A game against Nigel Short

by Webmaster on April 8, 2016

To commemorate Melbourne Chess Club’s 150th anniversary and coinciding with his tour of Australia, English grandmaster Nigel Short (former world number three and current top 100 player) gave a lecture and a simultaneous display in Melbourne. In the simultaneous display, Short played against 30 players at the same time, of which I was the top seed. Incidentally, the late English grandmaster Tony Miles, with whom Short had a turbulent relationship, gave a simul in the same building in the 1990s to commemorate the opening of the venue. (Picture: The English team in Dubai 1986, featuring Jonathan Speelman, Nigel Short, John Nunn and Tony Miles.)

England 1986 Dubai

Here is video analysis of my game in the simul:

Click here to download the fully annotated game in CBV or PGN. I suggest you open the file using ChessBase Reader or SCID.

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